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About us

We are computer geeks that like to shop, but hate to go to the mall and carry the bags…

Our website enables you to easily search and compare products from many eCommerce sites at once, in one fast and intuitive display. If you want to spend hours searching gifts, clothes, books and other stuff yourself, that’s one option. If you’d prefer an easier way to find a good deal, we can help.

Search for any product you are looking for, once you find it, we give you choices where to buy it. We’ll send you right to the product page to finish your purchase there.

We make money from advertising and from affiliating the ecommerce sites in which you buy from. They pay us, not you. So just like you can watch (most) TV shows for free, you can use all you want, free (and no, we don’t add any fees).

Please give us a try. If you already use and just enjoy reading the foot prints, then please tell your friends to try us too.