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Black Friday – Let the holiday shopping begin!

What can be said about Black Friday that hasn’t been said before? THE shopping day of the year, Black Friday, The opening shot of the Christmas shopping season will be celebrated in the US on November 29th , the day following Thanks giving Day.  

Black Friday is a mad shopping celebration, in which the big US retailers are opening their shops at early morning and promote special discounts and limited one day offers to the thousand of shoppers. Shopping malls across the US are opening their as early as 4 A.M and even midnight, in order to meet the shoppers demands. In 2012 over 226M shoppers participated in the Black Friday events, spending an average of $398.62 per person, to a total of $52.5B!

So what can we expect from the 2013 Black Friday? As the past year trend goes, the 2013 Black Friday is expected to be the biggest in history, with over 230M customers that will spend more than $54B… The Black Friday frenzy fueled the creation of the Cyber version of Black Friday, called Cyber Monday, which happens on following Monday. Cyber Monday offer customer the option to enjoy great discounts and offers online and avoid the long lines and traffic jams.

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